CURRENT: Deerhunter – “Snakeskin”

“Snakeskin” marks the first new music from Deerhunter since 2013’s Monomania, and finds the band in a similar place, albeit more entrenched in their habitat. Tracks like “Neon Junkyard,” “Dream Captain,” “T.H.M.” and “Pensacola” all serve as harbingers of the direction the band explores here, yet there’s an understated confidence and fluidity to “Snakeskin” that wasn’t as readily present on those Monomania tracks. “I was born with the ability to talk / I was born with a snake-like walk,” he rattles as the track begins, with the words crawling out for air. The band has always been a “serious” band, like the National or Beach House, yet “Snakeskin” finds Bradford Fox and Co. comfortable in their own.

Fading Frontier is out October 16 via 4AD.


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