CURRENT: Majical Cloudz – “Silver Car Crash”

Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto became critical darlings when they released the incredible 2013 album Impersonator, and Majical Cloudz became budding stars when they were invited to open for Lorde on her North American tour. The duo announced a new album was planned for this year, and today more information has come out in regards to their sophomore effort.

Are You Alone? is out October 16 via Matador, and is led by “Silver Car Crash,” yet another in a long line of devastating, emotionally subtle pop epics, yet this one comes more lyrically refined and sonically sharp. Of all the remarkable things they’ve done so far, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Majical Cloudz is how the minimalist duo is capable of occupying so much territory. “Crash” swells into a beautiful, dissonant howl before quickly subsiding. Near the track’s beginning, Welsh encapsulates the gravitas of the duo’s music when he sings, “I want to kiss you in a car that’s crashing / And we will both die laughing, ’cause there’s nothing left to do.” After all the tears, he can finally crack a smile.


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