CURRENT: Lil B & Chance The Rapper – “We Rare” / “Amen”

A partnership between Lil B and Chance The Rapper just makes sense. Both artists are unapologetically optimistic dreamers, preaching love and tolerance more than weed and alcohol (LSD is a different matter). On their refreshing collaborative mixtape Free Based Freestyles , they continue their trend of being purveyors of peace, with the one outlier being “We Rare.” It shows that both could be another kind of rap star, but just how uninterested they are in pursuing that direction. But like the best jokes, there is some honesty in there. They’ve proven – and continue to prove – just how rare they are.

“Amen” is perhaps the most stunning thing here, a sprawling nine minute lullaby. The song captures the calm and zen-like state the two must have recorded in better than anything else here (and that’s a testament to this song, not a detraction of the rest of the mixtape). “They say, ‘fuck us’ / For real?” a bemused Chance questions over twinkling synths and the lonely snaps of a finger. How could anyone hate something with such a positive message?


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