1. Autre Ne Veut, “World War Pt. 2”

2. Beach House, “PPP”

3. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Boy Problems”

4. Chance The Rapper & Lil B, “Amen”

5. Chance The Rapper, “Israel (Sparring)” [ft. Noname Gypsy] Continue reading “BEST OF … AUGUST 2015”


NEW MUSIC: Add Toro Y Moi’s surprise new collection to your Dropbox now


What began as a series of surprise one-off singles culminates in Samantha , the new collection/mixtape/album from Toro Y Moi. If you have Dropbox, you can save the files (WAV and MP3) to your account. Samantha features collaborations with Rome Fortune, Kool AD, Nosaj Thing and Washed Out.

Here is “room for 1zone” from earlier this year:

CURRENT: Molly Nilsson – “1995”

Molly Nilsson returns with her sixth studio album, Zenith, out this September via Dark Skies Association. The album is preceded by “1995,” a longing, emotional return from the Swedish-born singer-songwriter. The song expertly bottles the overwhelming feeling of the present moment being the biggest moment, and how time has a way of concurrently shrinking and magnifying events. “Back in ’95 we thought we were standing on the threshold to the end of time,” she sings, before adding, “(and we still do).”

But at the core of “1995” is not a halcyon look back at an era when T.G.I.F. wasn’t just a Katy Perry song; it’s a crushing tale of loss, the empty feeling of knowing the conversation has ended and yearning to get it back. “So what’s wrong with living in the past / If this happened to be the place I saw you last,” Nilsson sings. While she last saw this instrumental figure in her life some 20 years ago, by crafting the gorgeous “1995,” Nilsson ensures that their memories will always last.

CURRENT: Deerhunter – “Snakeskin”

“Snakeskin” marks the first new music from Deerhunter since 2013’s Monomania, and finds the band in a similar place, albeit more entrenched in their habitat. Tracks like “Neon Junkyard,” “Dream Captain,” “T.H.M.” and “Pensacola” all serve as harbingers of the direction the band explores here, yet there’s an understated confidence and fluidity to “Snakeskin” that wasn’t as readily present on those Monomania tracks. “I was born with the ability to talk / I was born with a snake-like walk,” he rattles as the track begins, with the words crawling out for air. The band has always been a “serious” band, like the National or Beach House, yet “Snakeskin” finds Bradford Fox and Co. comfortable in their own.

Fading Frontier is out October 16 via 4AD.

CURRENT: Chance The Rapper – “Israel (Sparring)” [ft. Noname Gypsy]

It’s not often we hear Chance The Rapper as subdued as he sounds on “Israel (Sparring)”, his recently released collaboration with Noname Gypsy. But then again, what appears to be a subdued Chance is actually the rising rapper at his most concise and powerful. His expansive verse find him touching on slavery, Biblical allusions and ancient Egypt, yet at the track’s core is a thesis that ties this to the rest of his discography: “But a rap song is a match in a cave,” he raps. And may that spark never go out.