CURRENT: Small Black – “Boys Life”

I first discovered Small Black through Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint, which oversaw the release of Dave Harrington’s remix of the Small Black/Frankie Rose collaboration “Lines of Latitude.” That lush, wispy remix still sounds like a breath of fresh air, and on their latest, “Boys Life,” the group takes essential qualities from that remix and shifts them to fit this track.

“Boys Life” came about after lead singer Josh Kolenik surveyed the damage wreaked by Hurricane Sandy at his father’s home and discovered old photographs taken by/of his father. “Pictures of you / picturing you,” Kolenik wistfully sings as synths glitter behind him. Like the past, Small Black’s music has always lived in a rose-tinted yet unattainable setting. With “Boys Life,” though, we get the best proof yet that the past is present.

Best Blues is out October 16 through Jagjaguwar. “Boys Life” premieres today via T Magazine.

UPDATE “Boys Life” is now available to stream via Soundcloud and Spotify.


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