CURRENT: Run The Jewels ft. SL Jones – “Bust No Moves”


In a refreshing twist, last year Run The Jewels grew from a cult-favorite to legitimate crowd favorites, delivering one of the most sought-after performances at both BUKU and Coachella this year. For Record Store Day 2015, El-P and Killer Mike – being the beautiful people they are – have shared a new track, “Bust No Moves” featuring Arkansas rapper SL Jones. After the relentlessness of RTJ2, Killer Mike begins “Moves” relaxing his shoulders, making the time to boast about the smaller things in life. But don’t mistake their boasts as signs of them idling, either. They are still delivering some of the best lyrics, including El-P reminding his competition that, “you barely got a fat chance with slim odds.” As the duo continues to operate on a plane above the field, SL Jones raps what people who have been listening over the past two years already know: “Run the jewels / ain’t no other way around it.”

UPDATE Listen here.


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