CURRENT: Samantha Urbani – “1 2 3 4”

When Samantha Urbani entered the music scene with Friends on “I’m His Girl,” it was hard to decipher what direction the band, or its frontwoman, would take. That song’s underlying confidence and sensuality has permeated throughout the rest of her work, including “The Way” and her other collaborations with Dev Hynes on the stellar Cupid Deluxe. On “1 2 3 4,” her first official solo offering, Urbani is at the front of the artistic direction of the track, and shows a deft ability at composition and songwriting, revealing a determined and singular voice in the process. On the chorus, she confronts, exposes, and dismisses a predator.

Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4 / methodical persuasion / I know you’ve done this before / You’ve mastered the equation. / But you’ll only hurt yourself, not me.

While she has the ability to move on, and thrive, he will remain in a personal hell. “You are the perpetrator. / You’ll judge yourself, you’ll never be free,” she sings at the end of the song, twisting one more proverbial knife into her subject. As Urbani puts it, “I don’t need to settle the score.” She won.


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