CURRENT: Giorgio Moroder ft. Britney Spears – “Tom’s Diner” [Suzanne Vega Cover]

Giorgio Moroder continues hitting ’em out of the park with the third teaser from Déjà vu, his forthcoming album featuring guest vocal performances from Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue, Sia, and on “Tom’s Diner,” the one and only Britney Spears. The influential pop star sounds more engaged with the recording than she has in years, equally playful and robotic. It’s a fascinating turn for both artists, one that shows us that both – despite claims to the contrary – are still capable of having the pop music world rotate around them.


CURRENT: Wet – “Deadwater”

Wet is a New York-based trio set to release their debut LP Don’t You this fall via Columbia, and with the first single, “Deadwater,” the band set their own deliberate pace, a promising sign for a band so young in their genesis.

CURRENT: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”

Listen to Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s second great single from the upcoming Multi-Love above. “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” finds the band still coming into their own. As their sound continues to lean towards the lo-fi end of the spectrum, their voice is becoming crystal clear.

Multi-Love is out May 26 on Jagjaguwar.

CURRENT: Run The Jewels ft. SL Jones – “Bust No Moves”


In a refreshing twist, last year Run The Jewels grew from a cult-favorite to legitimate crowd favorites, delivering one of the most sought-after performances at both BUKU and Coachella this year. For Record Store Day 2015, El-P and Killer Mike – being the beautiful people they are – have shared a new track, “Bust No Moves” featuring Arkansas rapper SL Jones. After the relentlessness of RTJ2, Killer Mike begins “Moves” relaxing his shoulders, making the time to boast about the smaller things in life. But don’t mistake their boasts as signs of them idling, either. They are still delivering some of the best lyrics, including El-P reminding his competition that, “you barely got a fat chance with slim odds.” As the duo continues to operate on a plane above the field, SL Jones raps what people who have been listening over the past two years already know: “Run the jewels / ain’t no other way around it.”

UPDATE Listen here.

CURRENT: Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia – “Déjà vu”

Giorgio Moroder’s new album Dejà vu features the influential producer working with some of the best vocalists, pop and otherwise, of the past quarter-century. On the title-track, he partners with “Chandelier” singer-songwriter Sia, and the two reflect on the past, musical and personal, to create a truly cathartic experience. The song recalls many previous top-40 hits, from “God Is a DJ” to “Call Me Maybe” to “Get Lucky,” but in a subtle, refreshing way. The strings recall the unbridled, pure emotion of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit, Sia takes on P!nk’s edge during the verses, and there’s a slight guitar riff tucked away towards the back of the track that is reminiscent of Daft Punk’s commercial breakthrough. “I’m falling for you / I’m feeling a déjà vu,” sings Sia on the hook. The feeling is mutual.

CURRENT: The Tallest Man On Earth – “Dark Bird Is Home”

On “Dark Bird Is Home,” the title-track off of The Tallest Man On Earth’s new album (out May 12 on Dead Oceans), Kristian Mattson finds himself trying to be there for the people he cares for, all while falling apart himself. “Suddenly, the day gets you down / but this is not the end,” he sings on the chorus. As up as things appear to be, things quickly head south. “I thought this would last for a million years / but now I need to go,” he realizes. He then lets out one final gasp, reverting to a primal response: “Oh, fuck.”

CURRENT: Hudson Mohawke – “Ryderz”

Forgive the obnoxious radio I.D. tags, but “Ryderz” emerged over the weekend, the second track to be revealed from Hudson Mohawke’s forthcoming Lantern, and is immediately one of the best electronica cuts of 2015. Best known as one-half of TNGHT (as well as his work on Yeezus), “Ryderz” presents an interesting development in HudMo’s progression. The song is anchored by a soulful sample of D.J. Rogers’ “Watch Out For The Riders,” far removed from the blistering, in-your-face jolts from a song such as “Higher Ground.” On the original, Rogers is warning of an impending approach, while HudMo propels the narrative further. The ryderz have arrived.

UPDATE “Ryderz” is now available to stream on Spotify.