CURRENT: Jamie xx – “Gosh” / “Loud Places” [ft. Romy Madley-Croft]

In Colour will be the debut solo LP from the xx member, producer Jamie Smith, and after delivering the sleek “Girl”/”Sleep Sound” single last year, he’s unleashed two more tracks from the album.

“Gosh” squirms and burrows through the ground, featuring some off-kilter rhythms that recall his brilliant work on his edit of Gil Scott-Heron’s fantastic I’m Still Here LP (titled We’re Still Here.)

“Loud Places” could be misconstrued for an xx single, but there are some subtle, significant differences to the structure of this song to the band’s output. The kinetic drum loop hints at this change, while a backing chorus helps Madley-Croft revisit the peaks of her former relationship.

With these two tracks, Jamie xx is taking bits and pieces of his recordings up until this point and transferring them into a new, highly potent specimen. He’s got the whole color wheel at his disposal now, and he’s using it to craft some breathtaking things.


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