CURRENT: Le1f – “Ooh”

“Truffle Butter” is one of Nicki Minaj’s best singles in a minute, with its bubbly, strutting beat offering the perfect template for boasts from Nicki, Drake, and whatever Lil Wayne is doing with his leg on the toilet. For rising, unapologetically queer rapper Le1f, rapping over “Butter” makes a ton of sense, even on paper. He’s carved out his own lane in a genre with a tricky relationship with alternative male sexualities, with the only thing the rapper not conquering being urban and top 40 radio.

On the remix, Le1f delivers full-bodied verses that assert his proud, brave persona. But, it’s when the beat gets chopped & screwed that Le1f really begins his lyrical assault. He delivers a message to any homophobic rapper still worried about a dude’s sexuality in 2015. “I rap about dicks like you rap about clits,” he pointedly raps. “I’m turning down niggas cause I’m so legit,” he later boasts, flexing his muscles. “Ooh” finds Le1f operating within his own space, unconcerned with toning down his image for a larger audience. But, more and more, he’s forcing audiences to come to him.


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