YOU’VE BEEN WARNED: The Rise of Fetty Wap

You’ve Been Warned examines songs currently on the fringe of mainstream success, but with the right push, could become the next big thing.

The contender: Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen”

Already resting at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Trap Queen” is certainly in a great position to become a huge hit. Still, as prominent as the song is on Shazam, Spotify, and iTunes, the song has yet to make a big push on radio. But I have already heard it a handful of times in the past week on my local Top 40 station, so it’s not a stretch to suggest the rest of the nation is going to pick up soon.

But who is Fetty Wap? He is actually a they, but the focal point of Fetty Wap is Willie Maxwell, a 24-year-old from Patterson, NJ. “Trap Queen” is his breakthrough, in large part to the monstrous chorus and infectious melody. In an article on Vibe, the rising star credits his mom for his vocal abilities, which he is just now beginning to showcase. “Trap Queen” ultimately shines as a throwback to the mid-2000s when hip-hop was at the center of Top 40 radio. Every year brings new discoveries in music to mainstream audiences, and Fetty Wap is about to find himself and “Trap Queen” at the center of many conversations.

Prediction: “Trap Queen” appears to be a shoe-in for a top 10 peak on the Hot 100, but I’ll go even further and say a top 5 is well within reach, and likely. It’s only a matter of time that the song’s rising placement on iTunes and Spotify causes radio to catch up to the demand.


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