CURRENT: Jenny Hval – “That Battle Is Over”

Jenny Hval’s daring 2013 album Innocence Is Kinky paired Hval’s dynamic vocal range with dissonant sound productions, revealing an artist unafraid to take artistic leaps. “That Battle Is Over” refines the instrumental behind her, yet whatever the song’s instrumental lacks in the bite of Kinky, it is made up for tenfold by Hval’s sharp lyrical specificity, including when punctuates her lyrics as she sings that, “statistics and newspapers tell me I am unhappy and dying / That I need man in charge / to fulfill me,” along with singing “breast cancer” in a way I didn’t think possible.

Hval’s music is most fascinating as an examination of the body and mind, and our constant desire to transcend our flesh and bones. She alludes to these struggles on “Over” much like she did on her debut LP. Yet whereas her debut found Hval taking an internal inventory on herself, Apocalypse, girl, at least according to its first single, finds the artist turning her eye outward. If she won’t destruct herself, someone else might.


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