CURRENT: Carly Rae Jepsen – “I Really Like You”

While this space is usually reserved for exposing fringe artists to more people, sometimes a pop song from an established act comes along too good to be ignored. “I Really Like You” has the misfortune of living in a post-“Call Me Maybe” world, with every new Carly Rae Jepsen track unfairly being compared to her breakthrough mega-hit.

“I Really Like You” more than stands on its own, and along with “Maybe” in regards to attitude and composition. “Like You” is just as bubbly and effervescent as her debut, astutely capturing the confusing, exciting first moments of a romantic spark igniting. “Late night watching television / But how did we get in this position,” Jepsen finds herself singing on the pre-chorus. As she sings, “I know this isn’t love,” you expect her to finish with “Heaven help me.” Who knows? Maybe “I Really Like You” will lose its spark months or years from now. It’s happened to many pop hits. Or it could be another “Call Me Maybe,” just as easy to love many years down the line. Regardless, we’ll always have that initial spark.


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