CURRENT: Florence + The Machine – “What Kind of Man” (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Florence + The Machine’s music is held together by Florence Welch’s majestic vocals and the equally bombastic productions which decorate that voice. The lead single from their forthcoming new LP, “What Kind of Man,” plays by this template, for better and worse. It’s epic scale is a thing to wonder, but without any lulls it all becomes somewhat monotonous. On his recently released 12-minute remix of the track, Nicolas Jaar provides the song with a mix that is certainly in line with the track’s large scale. But Jaar unleashes new qualities with his mix, filtering Welch’s vocals, making them somehow more powerful.

The remix weaves in and out of its multiple moving parts, clutching on to certain grooves the way James Murphy would on LCD Soundsystem records. For an artist with an enormous amount of excellent solo material, “What Kind of Man” fits nicely among his other standout remixes, including Grizzly Bear’s “Sleeping Ute” and the entirety of Random Access Memories (Daft Punk), completed with collaborator Dave Harrington as Darkside. Like those past releases, the “Man” remix shines because of its ability to convey new meanings, to reinforce the original’s aim. “What kind of man, loves like this,” Welch implores. On the original, that was the exclamation of a freshly wounded soul hunting her attacker. Here, she’s dismissive of any previous lover, on the prowl for a lover deserving of her. A man who finally shows a love like this.

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