CURRENT: Chromatics – “Just Like You”

When Johnny Jewel began unloading the vaults, releasing rarities, covers, and new versions of previous Chromatics’ recordings, the most optimistic part of me thought he was gearing up for a new album. After all, it had been nearly three years since the excellent Kill For Love.

Thankfully, Dear Tommy was eventually announced, and is now set for release sometime in March through Italians Do It Better. The lead single, “Just Like You”, surfaced recently, and finds the band discovering a balance between their two fascinating sides. Kill For Love featured synth-pop juggernauts such as “Lady” and “Back From the Grave” as well as expansive instrumental compositions such as “The Eleventh Hour” and “There’s a Light Out on the Horizon”. On “Just Like You”, the band, fronted by the consistently wonderful Ruth Radelet, have their most pop sensibilities paired with spacious, sparse music that slowly takes over your being rather than forcing itself in. “Just Like You” is as singular a track as anything in Chromatics’ overlooked discography; it just so happens it also stands as one of their most accessible.


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