You’ve Been Warned is a new feature that will look ahead to see what songs will become inescapable in the (not too distant) future. Get your bunker in order. Winter is coming.


The contender: AronChupa, “I’m an Albatraoz”

23 year old Aron Ekberg is already famous in his native Sweden, both as a member of the football club Byttorps IF and as a DJ and record label owner. While you remember what you were doing at 23 (in my case, I’ll leave it at NSFW), get ready to be bludgeoned by his #1 single in his homeland. “I’m An Albatraoz” features vocals from Aron’s sister Nora Ekberg, and is as brash and loud as previous breakout hits from Martin Garrix (“Animals”), The Chainsmokers (“Selfie”) and Psy (“Gangnam Style”). But AronChupa’s use of a classical piano introduction is enough of a ploy to differentiate this track from its predecessors.

As previously mentioned, the song is already an international hit, and its impact is just now starting to reverberate on these shores. The video has already amassed over 50,000,000 views, and is rising over on Vevo’s weekly chart, just surpassing Rae Sremmurd’s 100,000,000-plus viewed “No Type”. Over on Shazam’s weekly tag chart, the song is an impressive #5 worldwide (and #60 on the U.S. chart). It sits comfortably among such current U.S. hits as “Uptown Funk”, “Take Me To Church”, “Thinking Out Loud”, and “Prayer In C”. And speaking of that Lillywood & Robin Schulz collab, that track similarly began its run by dominating international markets before slowly gaining traction in the U.S., where it is now a top-10 radio hit. When it comes to top 40 radio, “I’m an Albatraoz” is trending upwards, too. This week, the song entered the top 50 for the very first time.

“I’m an Albatraoz” feels like a song destined to become a part of the pop cultural lexicon for a couple weeks before giving way to the next big movement. At best, this would become a “Gangnam Style”-level smash, but even that seems like too lofty a destination for this track. It’s more likely the song will peak along the lines of Martin Garrix’s 2014 hit “Animals”, which topped out at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100, while rising as high as #3 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart.


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