CURRENT: Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora – “Doing It” (A.G. Cook Remix)

Sucker snuck into the 2014 release calendar when it dropped in late December. The timing took some shine off the True Romance follow-up, but the album is still packed with great moments from one of pop’s best voices.

Highlight “Doing It” first got a makeover when Charli enlisted Rita Ora for the single version of the track, and now with PC Music’s A.G. Cook turning the song into a SOPHIE-esque jam. Luckily, both remixes help flesh out “Doing It”, pushing the themes of female empowerment and unbridled revelry to their logical conclusions. More significantly, both work because of the original’s obvious charm. “It’s been a long time, since we’ve been around / So come on, let’s keep doing it like we’re doing it now,” she confidently sings on the chorus. Charli XCX has a lot of reasons to celebrate. Now, she has friends to party with.


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