CURRENT: Mark Ronson – “Daffodils” (feat. Kevin Parker)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Kevin Parker of Tame Impala. Earlier this year, he quietly uploaded a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow” to his Soundcloud page, with not much else coming from his camp since.

This week, Mark Ronson began unveiling tracks from his forthcoming LP Uptown Special, with the best of the bunch being his collaboration with Parker on “Daffodils,” a track Parker has been floating around in concerts since last year.

The team-up of Ronson and Parker isn’t the most obvious collaboration for the superstar producer (lead single collaborator Bruno Mars better fits that bill), but in the context of Parker’s “Moscow” cover, this pairing begins to come into focus. Ronson made his name with his callbacks to 60s-era pop on his work with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, and while “Daffodils” maintains some of that aesthetic, Parker’s psychedelic influence is impossible to deny, while Ronson’s own flirtations with electronics produce a thrilling finale.

Be sure to check out Mark Ronson’s LP Uptown Special when it drops on 27 January.


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