CURRENT: Ariel Pink – “Picture Me Gone”

pom pom still has a couple of weeks until it hits record stores and digital outlets, but it’s easy to see what type of album this will be from its first three singles, “Put Your Number in My Phone”, “Black Ballerina”, and now “Picture Me Gone”.

“Gone” might just be the best song on pom pom; at least it was the immediate standout after a first listen. The song musically finds Ariel playing it straight, recreating a great lost relic of the 1970s. Framed this way, his lyrics appear even more surreal, such as when he begins the song by proclaiming a toast to when “you were 8 and I was only 41,” or the second verse with, “I backed up all my pictures on my iCloud so you can see me when I’m gone.”

On “Picture Me Gone,” Ariel Pink shows us exactly what we’d be missing without him around. After his public dismissal of Madonna’s work, among other questionable quotes, a lot of people would love to “picture him gone”. With this song, he makes it seem almost too easy. All you have to do is tune out.


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