CURRENT: Tobias Jesso Jr. – “Hollywood”

The big city has a way of hardening the softest of souls, so Tobias Jesso Jr.’s somber, unsure “Hollywood” is hardly revelatory in its subject matter. But much like “True Love” before it, “Hollywood” succeeds due to the earnestness Jesso Jr. pumps into his composition. “I think I’m gonna try in Hollywood” quickly devolves into frying […]

CURRENT: Mark Ronson – “Daffodils” (feat. Kevin Parker)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Kevin Parker of Tame Impala. Earlier this year, he quietly uploaded a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow” to his Soundcloud page, with not much else coming from his camp since. This week, Mark Ronson began unveiling tracks from his forthcoming LP Uptown Special, with the best […]

CURRENT: Jessica Pratt – “Back, Baby”

“Back, Baby” is the first single from Jessica Pratt’s forthcoming Drag City debut On Your Own Love Again, and washes over the listener where the rain subsides. The song thematically focuses on the fragility of time, with Pratt’s vocals the closest to personifying that theme as one could get. It’s a simple and direct song, as […]

NEW MUSIC: ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ Has Landed

Azealia Banks’ long in the making debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste has finally arrived. “212” brought Banks to a wide audience in 2011, serving as one of the year’s greatest singles. The following years have seen the release of the 1991 EP and the Fantasea mixtape. As much as her music has made headlines, her very public […]

CURRENT: Ariel Pink – “Picture Me Gone”

pom pom still has a couple of weeks until it hits record stores and digital outlets, but it’s easy to see what type of album this will be from its first three singles, “Put Your Number in My Phone”, “Black Ballerina”, and now “Picture Me Gone”. “Gone” might just be the best song on pom pom; at […]