CURRENT: LUH. – “Unites”

“Unites” marks the first music from LUH (Life Under Heaven), the new duo formed by one-time WU LYF frontman Ellery James Roberts. The song takes a few cues from Roberts’ own 2013 one-off single “Kerou’s Lament,” featuring his easily-identifiable barbed vocals and a soaring, hopeful instrumental. The two polar opposites work amazingly well together, and […]

CURRENT: Pix – “A Way To Say Goodbye”

Hannah Rodgers’s debut single as Pix, “A Way To Say Goodbye”, is the type of sly, understated pop song that creeps its way into your system, both upon first listen and hours later, long after the song’s last notes have ended. The song skates along with more than an air of confidence, while Rodgers’s delivery recalls Zooey […]

CURRENT: Katie Rush – “Dangerous Luv” (feat. Samantha Urbani)

New York City’s Friends, fronted by Samantha Urbani, and new act Katie Rush are doing their fair share to bring back 80s glam to current music trends. Prevalent on Friends’ sonic reinvention on “The Way”, the movement is pushed even further on Katie Rush’s wonderful Law of Attraction EP. The whole thing is worth checking out, but it’s Katie […]

CURRENT: A$AP Rocky – “Multiply” (feat. Juicy J)

A$AP Rocky has been relatively quiet since dropping his major-label debut in early 2013, in many ways leaving A$AP Ferg to carry the A$AP Mob torch. The fire never died in Ferg’s hands, and Rocky takes the baton on the recently released “Multiply”, reasserting himself as one of the 2010’s most promising young rappers. As […]