CURRENT: Parkay Quarts – “Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth”

Parquet Courts rose to fame on the heels of the unbridled energy of tracks such as “Stoned and Starving”, but with every release since the southern, New York-based band reveal more depth to their music.

Having already released an excellent album in 2014, Sunbathing Animal, the band are set to release another disc, this one under the homophonic Parkay Quarts moniker. The song recalls the downtempo “Instant Disassembly”, but whereas that song relied on a singalong refrain, this one pulls the listener in with a hypnotic guitar riff and singer and lyricist Andrew Savage’s captivating story. And like any great story, the song builds to a thrilling climax, blurring the line between PC/PQ, if there ever was one at all.

Content Nausea is out 11 November through What’s Your Rupture?.


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