CURRENT: Katie Rush – “Dangerous Luv” (feat. Samantha Urbani)

New York City’s Friends, fronted by Samantha Urbani, and new act Katie Rush are doing their fair share to bring back 80s glam to current music trends. Prevalent on Friends’ sonic reinvention on “The Way”, the movement is pushed even further on Katie Rush’s wonderful Law of Attraction EP. The whole thing is worth checking out, but it’s Katie Rush’s collaboration with Urbani on “Dangerous Luv” that thrills the most, hinting at the ways bringing back the past can create exciting futures. Lead vocalist Katie Wagner and Urbani trade verses over clattering percussion and a large wall of sound accented by shredding guitar riffs. Much like the song implies, the dangerous is often the most exciting.

Purchase the Law of Attraction EP now, via Gutter TV Records.

DOWNLOAD Katie Rush – “Dangerous Luv” (feat. Samantha Urbani)


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