CURRENT: iLoveMakonnen – “Club Goin Up on a Tuesday” (feat. Drake)


“Club Goin Up on a Tuesday” first saw release on iLoveMakonnen’s June self-titled EP, and now the song reaches a much larger audience thanks to Drake’s remix, released this past Tuesday. The song feels as though it could fall apart at any second, with both emcees taking their time to navigate the surroundings. But before you can think about turning the song off, that chorus reels you in. And while Drake is an obvious choice for a remixer of this song, this is undeniably the work of iLoveMakonnen, with his voice ringing loud and clear, successfully shaping the song to fit his strengths. For an artist on the fringe of commercial hip-hop before this remix, “on a Tuesday” marks a well-deserved moment in the spotlight for a rising rapper in ATL’s large hip-hop community. Too bad his weekends are about to be even busier after this.

DOWNLOAD iLoveMakonnen – “Club Goin Up on a Tuesday” (feat. Drake)

Big ups to Pitchfork for the free download.

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