CURRENT: Lil Boosie – “Crazy”


This seems like the moment we’ve been waiting for. Lil Boosie has been steadily releasing songs since his release from a Louisiana prison in early 2014, but none of his releases hit with the intensity or, in Torrence Hatch’s words, power, of his recently released “Crazy”.

While the song begins with a radio-ready chorus, it becomes quickly evident that this is by no means a watered down version of the Baton Rouge rapper. It’s equally great that “Crazy” isn’t concerned with chasing trends. There’s no trace of DJ Mustard or Mike WiLL but rather Boosie operating in his own lane. For those who’ve followed Hatch’s music in the past, this is Lil Boosie finally truly celebrating. “They tried to take my life. They couldn’t take my power,” he asserts on his fantastic third verse, one of the year’s best. Hatch has always been incredibly self-aware and honest in his music, and it’s an absolute joy to hear him continue on that road. When he addresses his incarceration, he’s able to shine a light on the U.S.’s supremely fucked up prison system. “23 hour lockdown, 2 years of cold showers / Couldn’t turn me crazy, and couldn’t turn me soft,” he raps. Not that he had to. Lil Boosie is a survivor. It’s time to celebrate.


Download the song, courtesy of Audiomack.


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