CURRENT: BenZel & Stevie Neale – “Wasted Love”

When Benny Blanco and Two Inch Punch first premiered their BenZel project, they did so in complete anonymity, with the duo’s Soundcloud and Facebook pages hinting to the fact that the people behind these glimmering productions were “Japanese teenagers”. It wasn’t until Jessie Ware’s sublime “Tough Love” that the duo showed their true identity, and now that they have, they are showing no signs of letting up on their glistening, effervescent pop productions.

“Wasted Love” marks BenZel’s first collaboration outside of Jessie Ware, and by the sound of this cut, their talents are going to be more in demand than ever. Vocally, Stevie Neale is on the same plane as Jessie Ware, while hints of Haim are there as well. Most importantly, Neale proves herself to be an affecting vocalist, taking ownership of the words and not once sounding overmatched by the stellar production duo. “I feel used / better than bruised,” she sings on the track, coming to terms with her wasted love while acknowledging that her own predicament isn’t nearly as severe as it could have been.


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