CURRENT: Ballet School – “Lux”

Ballet School released their first single in 2013, and things have been quiet for the Berlin-based band leading to their debut LP The Dew Lasts an Hour. But recently, they have unleashed the soaring “Cherish” as well as the grounded “Lux”, whose video was released a couple weeks back.

As a song, “Lux” is a meticulously constructed pop song that alludes to the work of Grimes and Class Actress. The reverb-laden guitars add a surreal touch to the music, as if the song is always a second away from slipping out of our grasp. Then that chorus hits, and Blaire Rosie pulls us into the song’s gravitation pull: “I’ll hold it for a minute / a minute lasts an hour,” she teasingly sings. If only this three-minute slice of pop perfection were stretched out over three hours.

The Dew Lasts an Hour is out 9 September through Bella Union.


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