CURRENT: Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj – “Bang Bang”

When Beyoncé put the industry on standstill when she dropped her self-titled album in December 2013 out of the blue, marking the pinnacle of pop music’s flirtation with a more minimalist approach. Kanye West made his shortest record to date that summer, while also only announcing the album’s existence a mere month before it’s shelf date. On the opposite end of the spectrum stands Jessie J, who’s been promoting her new single “Bang Bang” for the past month. When first announced, the track turned heads due to her two collaborators, rising star Ariana Grande and the unimpeachable Nicki Minaj. The track pleasingly does not disappoint, and its bombastic, enormous chorus is impossible to ignore, while Nicki Minaj delivers another great feature, fitting in perfectly with the two belting chanteuses. “Bang Bang” is not shy in its intentions of world domination. In this instance, I’m not shy about giving in to the summer’s most explosive single.


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