CURRENT: Iceage – “The Lord’s Favorite”

Iceage trade in their scorched-earth sonics for something more akin to the great Girls records at the turn of the decade. “The Lord’s Favorite” keeps in line with the band’s unrelenting release strategy, following 2011’s New Brigade and last year’s You’re Nothing.

The most exciting aspect of “The Lord’s Favorite” is just how much the track marks a shift in the band’s well-executed sound, showing them to not be stationary objects, but rather a living entity capable of change. The song takes a critical look at white privilege, where all other creatures are here for their amusement. “Come here and be gorgeous for me now,” lead singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt sings on the track. Rønnenfelt successfully pushes us to see the real-life damning effects of a religious mind when he sings, “After all I think it’s evident that I am god’s favorite one / And now is the time I should have whatever I desire.” Notably absent are all the voices of those who have been led to believe they are no one’s favorite one. If the favorites get all they desire, what does that leave the majority of us?


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