CURRENT: Usher – “Good Kisser” (Disclosure Remix)


When Usher ditched his R&B sound for run-of-the-mill EDM with such dreck as “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” and “More”, it appeared that the game had finally caught up to and passed the R&B heartthrob. Luckily the Diplo-produced “Climax” and now this remix of the recently released “Good Kisser” by in-demand electronica duo Disclosure prove that the creative malaise Usher went through following Confessions runaway success might finally be past him.

The original version of “Kisser” was adequate enough, if not the mega-hit “Yeah” and “Love in this Club” were before it. That changes thanks to the input of Guy and Howard Lawrence, who turn the neo-soul atmosphere of the original on its heels, providing the track with a jolt of energy and personality lacking in the song’s standard version. For Usher, this remix places him back atop contemporary R&B, while it serves as validation for the outstanding year Disclosure has had.


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