CURRENT: Phoria – “Emanate”

“And you may ask yourself / How did I get here” sang David Byrne some 30+ years ago, and that question will probably come to mind when listening to the gorgeous “Emanate” by Phoria. The Brighton, England five-piece band record music that’s difficult to categorize; it’s definitely not rock ‘n roll, but not fully pop either. The simplest way to put it is that the track is all-encompassing. Beginning with some light humming, the sparse instrumental slowly integrates itself into the proceedings, full of clicks and clacks, handclaps and finger-snaps. The wispy vocals recall another forward-thinking band to make strides in 2014, Movement, yet Phoria appears to have a firmer grasp on the electronic side of producing. The cathartic climax shines through with a stunning clarity, making “Emanate” a definitive statement for a band slowly on the rise.

The band’s EP Display is out now via Novo, and will see a wider international release on 4 July via Humming Records.


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