CURRENT: Lil Wayne – “Believe Me” [feat. Drake]

Lil Wayne’s heyday has been over for quite some time now, as he now sits in a position similar to that of Eminem and Jay Z; a rapper with a profound legacy reaching the twilight of his career. With every new release, though, legions of disciples flock to digital retailers, ensuring these rappers stay in the game. While “Believe Me” (the next in Drake/Lil Wayne’s “Me” series, following “Miss Me,” “Love Me”) will almost certainly become a chart topper eventually, that doesn’t mean it’s a wholly safe composition. For 5+ minutes, Drake and Lil Wayne trade verses over an icy, minimalist production, with the latter sounding revitalized and looser than he has in years. Drake’s hunger to be viewed as one of the greats in hip-hop is palpable, as he delivers a couple of sharpened verses, ready for battle. “Believe Me” doesn’t necessarily signal Lil Wayne’s return to his Tha Carter II days, but it does show an artist past his peak refusing to continue accepting his downward momentum.


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