CURRENT: Nicky Sparkles – “It’s Your Life”

If indie rock has indeed reached its saturation point in relation to its love affair with R&B, then consider “It’s Your Life”, the debut single from Nicky Sparkles, case study #238 to showcase R&B’s influence on this generation’s independent musicians. Much like Blood Orange before him, Nicky Sparkles’ debut single is wholly indebted to early solo Michael Jackson records, from the sparkling synths (sorry) to his affecting vocal performance, that in parts comes across as a nod to George Michael’s 80s and early 90s work. After Tame Impala’s glowing rendition of “Stranger In Moscow,” “Life” is yet another example of the king of pop’s everlasting legacy on music, from the stadium floor all the way to the cheap seats.

“It’s Your Life” is out now via Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label.


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