CURRENT: tUnE-yArDs – “Wait for a Minute”

w h o k i l l, Merrill Garbus’ sophomore LP as tUnE-yArDs, was the type of fearless, focused record that comes along only so often. Underneath the album’s idiosyncrasies lie some of the most powerful melodies of 2011. On “Riotriot,” Garbus shouted, “There is a freedom in violence that I don’t understand / and never felt before.” Her newest, Nikki Nack, promises to be a more straight-laced affair, if first two singles “Water Fountain” and “Wait for a Minute” are anything to go by. This latest teaser was produced by Malay, who helped give Frank Ocean’s instant classic channel ORANGE it’s pristine sound, and provides a similarly smooth terrain for Garbus to deliver her most assured single yet.

“I’m still trying to leave the high of violence behind / I wait for relief,” she sings, soaring ever higher to a glorious climax, and in the process harkening back to her prior work. For an artist who made a name for herself by challenging audience expectations of what pop music could be, “Wait for a Minute” finds Garbus waiting no more, bringing forth a more inclusive sound while also expanding on her personal style.


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