CURRENT: How to Dress Well – “Repeat Pleasure”

Tom Krell’s previous output as How to Dress Well could easily be lost in the periphery of the 2010’s crop of indie-R&B singer-songwriters, as his music floated by casually and an arms-length away from truly embracing his pop inclinations. On the heels of his fantastic “Words I Don’t Remember,” Krell recently announced a new LP, What Is This Heart?, and dropped the first official single from the new disc, “Repeat Pleasure.”

The song pops with a burst of energy similar to the equally excellent “& It Was U,” yet this release is much easier to grasp, and sticks like taffy. Krell’s vocals play like a roller coaster, reaching incredible, dizzying heights, particularly when the song blows up at the 3:00 mark. After the mournful Total Loss (2012), Krell appears to be on the come-up, in his own distinct yet inclusive way.

What Is This Heart? is out 24 June (U.S.) through Weird World Record Co.


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