CURRENT: Boots – “Howl” / “Autumn (Lude 1)”

“Howl” marks the second release from Boots, the enigmatic producer who helped give BEYONCÉ it’s incredible sound. He continues to explore dark, electronica and hip-hop-inspired soundscapes, while honing his songwriting abilities. Working with Beyoncé has certainly rubbed off on the songwriter-producer, who here is found at his most economic, using each moment to show off his multitude of talents.

And on the (even more) recently released “Autumn (Lude 1),” Boots delivers his most abrasive production yet. The song comes complete with soulful female vocals (some people on the internet are claiming they come from the rising Kelela) and an honest-to-god attempt at rap from Boots. While his material on BEYONCÉ remains the best he’s done, each new track hints at all that must have attracted Bey in the first place.

Download “Howl” above, via Soundcloud.

Download “Autumn (Lude 1)” below, via Soundcloud.


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