ALBUM REVIEW: MØ – No Mythologies to Follow



No Mythologies to Follow | ALBUM


11 March 2014 | RELEASE DATE

7.7 | 10

MØ’s debut single, 2012’s “Pilgrim,” arrived at the most opportune of times. The song shared qualities of Grimes’ genre-smearing blend of indie ethos and Top 40 aspirations, while the song’s accompanying video fit in nicely with Lana Del Rey’s DIY-charm. So what has MØ been working on as a follow-up to her promising debut single? On her debut LP No Mythologies to Follow, MØ uses “Pilgrim” as a springboard to dive headfirst into a blissful world of synth-pop, crafting the year’s first must-hear pop music album.

Karen Marie Ørsted certainly has the musical chops to create infectious, toe-tapping 3+ minute songs. Each track on Mythologies carries with it a remarkably sharp chorus, resulting in a relentlessly pleasing 12-track album. Another pre-release single, “Never Wanna Know,” stands tall as Ørsted’s best vocal performance yet, and is one of the album’s central showstoppers. “I never wanna know the name / of your new girlfriend,” she sings, her voice rising throughout the the couplet. She’s heard the phrase “ignorance is bliss,” and is doing her best to live by that motto.

After a week of listening to the album, though, it’s still difficult to differentiate between some of the tracks. A lot of the album goes in one ear and out the other, always pleasing but not always definitive. Tracks such as “Red In The Grey” and “Waste of Time” are great when they play, but are much too easy to forget.

Fortunately, the album’s closing stretch, beginning with the Diplo-assisted “XXX 88,” has a stronger structure than the album’s middle section. “Walk This Way” finds MØ at her most confident, delivering an equally powerful and seductive vocal take during one of the album’s best, most inescapable choruses.

As far as debut albums go, MØ’s is one of the more competent ones you’re likely to hear this year. It’s not always a daring or important listen, but it’s never dull. She named her album No Mythologies to Follow, but next time, it would be great to hear her add “rules” to her list of things not to follow.


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