CURRENT: The Horrors – “I See You”

On 2011’s Skying, the Horrors’ Faris Badwan sang, “I can see through you and I don’t get it.” On the first single from the forthcoming Luminous, Badwan’s subject lacks the transparency found on “I Can See Through You,” resulting in the most concrete evidence of the Horrors’ musical talents and ambitions. “I see you / All the things you might do / All the things you’d like to,” Badwan sings during the surprisingly sunny chorus, accented by rippling guitars. During the course of the song’s back half, Joshua Hayward, Tim Cowan, and the rest of the Horrors create an adrenaline-fueled and crystalline instrumental with an undeniable sense of urgency. Simply put, this is the Horrors at their best.

Luminous is out 6 May via XL.


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