CURRENT: EMA – “So Blonde”

Erika Anderson’s latest prerelease single from her forthcoming The Future’s Void, “So Blonde,” is a scathing critique on our culture’s predilection towards objectifying, and thus diminishing, women. “Let me tell you about this girl I know,” sings Anderson during the beginning of the chorus, before strenuously belting, “She’s so blonde!”

In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, Anderson described the song’s origin by saying, “How many bits do we have to reduce the dancing blonde babe to before she is no longer a symbol of sexiness? At what point do tits become simply bits?  And who owns the sparkly dolphin anyway?”  The accompanying video effectively exaggerates that statement, reimagining music video vixens as pixelated caricatures blindly dancing. For EMA, this is just another example of her skilled ability to make social critiques into a transcendental artistic work.

The Future’s Void is out via Matador Records on 8 April.


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