CURRENT: Real Estate – “Crime”

As one of the last remaining “guitar” bands, Real Estate has been able to carve out a sizable and easily identifiable niche in the musical landscape, practically perfected on their 2011 album Days. Their newest, Atlas, so far doesn’t appear to be diverting from the blueprint, and justifiably so. After the stellar “Talking Backwards,” the group show off their second prerelease look-in of the new album with “Crime,” an equally fantastic track. The song’s release was accompanied by a DIY tutorial of the song’s guitar tab, a sort of thank-you to fans. After all, Real Estate’s guitars do most of talking for the group, anyway. Like previous iterations of Real Estate, there’s nothing devastatingly “new” about the one that’s about to release Atlas. Yet they continue to proceed with a green and youthful energy, constantly excited to show us what they’ve been up to. When someone loves their work as much as Real Estate do, it inevitably rubs off on what you produce.

Atlas is set for a 4 March release through Domino.


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