CURRENT: Jungle – “Busy Earnin'”

The newest edition to XL Records, London duo Jungle knock it out of the park with the Zane Lowe-designated Hottest Record In the World, “Busy Earnin'”. As an introductory tune, it hints at some serious musical talent, with an effortless mash-up of genres and artists. A cursory look at the song’s Soundcloud comments find people comparing this to TV on the Radio and Jai Paul, while Abeano mentions a certain Bee Gees flair, while I hear a fleeting similarity to MGMT. Those are all apt descriptors of the London duo’s sound, but do much more to inflate the work of the track’s forefathers than identify much about Jungle. We might not know a lot about who these guys are, but “Busy Earnin'” makes us want to know so much more.


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