CURRENT: Boots – “Dust”


Boots is most likely set for life. Without anyone knowing a thing about the enigmatic producer, he helped make Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album the incredible force it was, and still is. So it would appear he has more to lose than win at this point in his career, but he fearlessly steps into the spotlight on the recently released “Dust.” The dark sonics that populated tracks such as “Ghost” and “Haunted” on BEYONCÉ are found on this new single and do a wonderful job of setting the tone of the production without being manipulative. He has a swagger to his delivery, and he revels in lyrics such as “Fuck it if they hear us, baby,” bringing some fun to the otherwise somber tone. During the singalong chorus, he sings, “When I’m with you / who am I?” The answer is still to-be-determined, but to this point, Boots is doing a hell of a job of letting his artistic works do the defining.

Boots: “Dust”


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