CURRENT: Naomi Pilgrim – “Rainmakers”


She’s teased us with the fascinating “No Gun” and a sly, smooth rendition of Lady’s “Money,” and now Naomi Pilgrim has offered up the final puzzle piece of her debut self-titled EP with “Rainmakers.” Having only released two songs prior, it’s rather remarkable how clearly she defines her sound with the new track. In relation to her two previous offerings, the song lands somewhere in the middle of “No Gun”‘s buoyant, carefree vibes and “Money”‘s darker, more urgent, tones.

With her sound quickly established, Naomi Pilgrim’s vocals become the main show, and she yet again delivers an effortlessly cool, fully cognizant performance. The melody is slightly reminiscent of Beyoncé’s 2009 hit “Sweet Dreams,” but it is only the faintest of hints, and is a decidedly inspired nod. Three songs into her recording career, Naomi Pilgrim continues to raise the bar for her future work. We should all be excited.

Purchase Naomi Pilgrim’s self-titled EP now. (iTunes)


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