CURRENT: Timber Timbre – “Hot Dreams”

Timber Timbre | ARTIST Hot Dreams | SONG Arts + Crafts | LABEL 2014
Timber Timbre | ARTIST
Hot Dreams | SONG
Arts + Crafts | LABEL

“Hot Dreams” is the first taste of new music from Timber Timbre since their compelling 2011 release Creep On Creepin’ On. Taylor Kirk and a multitude of collaborators, including Simon Trottier, Romy Lightman, Olivier Fairfield, and saxophonist/Justin Vernon-collaborator Colin Stetson, make “Hot Dreams” the success that it is. “I wanna dance with a black woman,” begins Kirk, as a delicate, sleepwalking instrumentation accompanies him. There is a lightness to the track, accomplished by an airy, loose yet precise performance from all involved, successfully creating a living and breathing atmosphere people want to inhabit. “I wanna wake from hot dreams of you, baby,” sings Kirk later, utilizing the lowest dimensions of his vocal range.

Much like Kevin Drew’s recently released “Good Sex,” the song works not only due to its beautiful arrangement, but also from the earnestness and sincerity Kirk and Drew deliver their vocals. And when Stetson’s saxophone comes in for the final 1:20 of the track, it resolves to express the things that even Kirk can’t put into his words. After a particularly percussive punch by Stetson, the music unexpectedly stops. Like all the best dreams, the snap back to reality is the most brutal part.

Timber Timbre’s third studio LP, Hot Dreams, drops on April Fools Day through Arts & Crafts.

Stream the track below (via Soundcloud). Check out the song’s NSFW video, directed by Scott Cudmore and Michael LeBlanc below as well, via YouTube.


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