CURRENT: Real Estate – “Talking Backwards”

Real Estate must be in the running for most economical band. Time and time again, the indie-rock band from New Jersey has shown a remarkable proclivity towards honing in on one theme or riff and milking it for all its worth. It’s a testament to the band, then, that three albums in and they are still able to dazzle with their impeccable sense of musical framing.  “And I might as well be talking backwards / Am I making any sense to you? / The only thing that really matters / Is the one thing I can’t seem to do,” goes the main refrain sung by Martin Courtney, in wistful resignation. For such a simple tune, “Talking Backwards” packs a powerful punch.

Atlas will be released on 4 March in the U.S., and a day earlier everywhere else, through Domino.


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