CURRENT: Sun Kil Moon – “Ben’s My Friend”



When you get to a certain age, it becomes inevitable that you will see people you grew up with outperforming you in life. There are many ways to accept that reality; self-destruction, deep introspection, a sign of hope or a sign the world is coming to an end. Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon recently released “Ben’s My Friend,” which Pitchfork’s Ian Cohen describes as “one of the funniest, warmest, and most revealing songs ever written about male friendship, especially the complications that arise in relationships where one guy’s more successful.” Kozelek’s rapid-fire drawl is executed to perfection, as he not only delivers a beautiful ode to crab cakes, but also an enthralling story of his relationship with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie/Postal Service). He recalls seeing a Postal Service show which, besides the awful parking situation, left him in awe of his friend’s immense success as a musician. The way Kozelek layers multiple vocal tracks during the latter moments of the song creates a surreal, singular moment that can speak for many.

Success loves company, too.



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