CURRENT: Francis Lung – “A Selfish Man”


November 2012 saw the abrupt end of noise-pop outfit Wu Lyf, leading lead singer Ellery James Roberts to release the solo single “Kerou’s Lament” in 2013. Bassist Tom McClung, when not performing as Los Porcos with fellow ex-Wu Lyf members Joe Manning and Evans Kati, records as Francis Lung, and has just dropped this illuminating gem of a track.

“A Selfish Man” sparkles with sincere clarity, and McClung’s lyrics are an open insight into his perspective of his former project’s downfall. “When everything becomes too much / you have to leave / abandoning was not the plan / but I don’t wanna know you / or wanna understand / I can let you go / cause I’m a selfish man.” Truth hurts.

The 7″ A Selfish Man will be released next Thursday, 16 January, and it comes with “Tsunami Blues (Cause of Me).” You can pre-order the single now, through Atelier Ciseaux.


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