CURRENT: Nicki Minaj – “Boss Ass Bitch” (Remix)


Remember when Nicki Minaj released Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and people (I) were (was) ready to write her off? Well, that was dumb of them (me).

Enjoy hearing Nicki Minaj do what quite frankly only Nicki Minaj can do on this incredible, heaven-sent freestyle over PTAF’s “Boss Ass Bitch.” (And download, here.)

I’ll never doubt you again, Ms. Minaj.


CURRENT: Broods – “Never Gonna Change”


Lorde isn’t the only New Zealand-based pop musician that deserves your attention, according to Broods’ second single, the dark and gorgeous “Never Gonna Change.” There is little to report on the band, other than a Billboard article from November that touts the brother-sister duo as possibly being “New Zealand’s Next Pop Wonder.” They have already enlisted Lorde producer Joel Little to help work on their debut LP, and while “Change” will inevitable draw comparisons to the teenage musical sensation, there is something more ethereal and intangible about Broods’ music than their peer. There is some great things happening musically in New Zealand right now, and there appears to be enough room for all the compelling and notable voices ringing from that country to be heard across the globe.

CURRENT: Hudson Mohawke – “Structure”

LuckyMe Records has been gracious enough this holiday season to release a new single every day (for free, none less!) leading up to Christmas day. Today’s addition to their advent calendar is the previously unreleased Hud Mo track “Structure,” featuring Shamz Le Roc and BbHollogramz. The song is all you need to hear to be reminded of Hudson Mohawke’s towering abilities as an electronica artist. This is a massive song that is able to support its enormous weight.

For more of LuckyMe’s free musical offerings this month, click here.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 50 Albums of 2013 [50-21]

(from left to right: Kanye West, Beyoncé, Kurt Vile)
(from left to right: Kanye West, Beyoncé, Kurt Vile)

So, yeah. 2013 was a pretty crazy year in music. From major artists taking Radiohead’s nonchalant release act to new and impressive levels (My Bloody Valentine, Justin Timberlake, David Bowie, Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyoncé), to artists who were once the sole possession of the indiesphere striking out in big ways (Daft Punk, Arcade Fire), there was certainly a lot to talk about regarding 2013’s musical output.

Here to help try to sort this all out, this is my list of the 50 best albums of 2013. The top 20 will arrive shortly.

Album titles link to album reviews, or the album’s AnyDecentMusic? score page.

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CURRENT: Sisyphus – “Calm It Down”


Well, it looks we already have our first contender for Song of 2014 with this new one from Sisyphus, “Calm It Down.” Okay, while I’m entirely kidding about already looking at 2014’s best songs when there’s still 2 solid weeks left in 2013, that shouldn’t take away from the brilliance of this collaboration from Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, and Serengeti. The trio first collaborated as s/s/s, which Stevens now says “started to sound like the Nazi Schutzstaffel with a lisp.” So, name change. Obviously.

You can read more of Stevens’ thoughts on the making-of their debut self-titled LP in his interview at Asthmatic Kitty. Check out the simmering “Calm It Down” below.