CURRENT: Disclosure, Nile Rogers, Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes – “Together”



What do you do for a follow-up to one of the most beloved electronica albums of the year? For Disclosure’s Guy and  Howard Lawrence, following up their phenomenal debut LP Settle apparently means releasing one-off singles that rival the best moments on the stellar long player. After the gargantuan “Apollo,” the brothers have once again teamed up with Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes, who together helped the duo breakthrough with “Latch” late last year, as well as Daft Punk collaboration and Chic member Nile Rodgers, because, well, why not? “Together” takes all the best qualities of Settle and Nile Rodgers’ work on Random Access Memories, all while Sam Smith continues to assert himself as one of the more compelling voices to emerge out of the UK these past 12 months. The brutally short track won’t satiate your appetite for Disclosure’s brand of house-inspired electronica, but it will make you even hungrier for more material from any of “Together”‘s collaborators.


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