CURRENT: MØ – “Never Wanna Know”


Danish electro-pop singer MØ will release her debut EP, Bikini Daze, next week (20 October). Following on the heels of her excellent, Diplo produced single “XXX 88” is the recently released “Never Wanna Know,” which finds the singer toning down the electronics and delivering a classic soul-inspired track. It’s a refreshing change of pace for MØ, who up until this point had been dabbling solely in electronica inspired pop. “Know,” by contrast, could have been recorded by The Ronettes in the 1960s, with its chiming bells and timeless chorus. “I never wanna know the name of your new girlfriend,” she tearfully sings. Her former singles were memorable in the same way memes can be, yet on “Never Wanna Know,” MØ is able to transcend being a pop culture cutout and shows herself to be as talented and impressive as we could have hoped.


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